Imperial College Union

Every student who registers at Imperial College London automatically becomes a member of the Students’ Union. As well as providing an overall framework for student representation, ICU provides a wide range of information, facilities, support and social events.

President of Imperial College Union

Hello and welcome to Imperial!

This marks the next chapter in your learning and you’ve made a fantastic choice by choosing Imperial. Nestled in West London, Imperial offers a diverse experience for all our students. We really do have something for everyone! Imperial College Union is here for all your needs during your studies and beyond.

Imperial College Union is led by students, for students. We have five Officer Trustees who are all students taking time out of their studies to represent you. You too can get involved by standing in our autumn elections for one of our volunteer roles or joining a club, society or project.

We have over 375 clubs and societies for you to get involved in- this is your opportunity to try something new. We run your academic and well-being representative networks as well as help with student-led campaigns on issues that matter to you. We offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities and have an entire team dedicated to your development.

No matter what problems you have or opportunities you are looking for, Imperial College Union is here to help. We’re located on Level 2 in Beit Quadrangle or you can check out our website for more information.

Have a wonderful year!

Rob Tomkies, Imperial College Union President, 2018-19

Clubs and Societies

This is a demanding course and we expect you to work hard; but we hope you will ‘play hard’ as well. Opportunities range from the hundreds of student societies to the social and cultural resources of one of the world’s greatest cities.


Since there are over 8000 undergraduate students at Imperial, it is virtually certain that your interests however unusual - will be shared by others. The clubs and societies formed by students and supported by Union funding will be competing to attract new members at the Union Fair on the first Tuesday of autumn term. More than 300 societies are affiliated to the Student Union, and every one of them will want you to join.

London offers an incredible range of entertainment and culture, both nearby and further afield. The substantial price reductions available to students make this expensive place extremely good value.

Take advantage of being here: few of you will have a second chance of university education.

Imperial College Advanced Hackspace

Imperial College Advanced Hackspace is a unique community of over 2000 like-minded makers, hackers, inventors and entrepreneurs across the University. Supported by an extensive suite of prototyping equipment and professional experts, ICAH has created a vibrant environment that makes it the best place in the world to turn idea into a reality. ICAH is free to all college members and the community continues to grow with 100 new users joining each month.

Imperial College Robotics Society

Imperial College Robotics Society is a student-led university club aiming to increase robotics interest at Imperial College London and across the UK. They run workshops, competitions and lectures to teach about robotics, electronics and software as well as providing help (financial and technical) to students looking to start a robotics project.


Be selective — don’t fall into the trap of trying to do too many things! There are only 168 hours in every week.

College Support and Welfare

Coming to Imperial can be quite daunting if you are moving away from home for the first time — especially if you are also new to this country. The College is probably bigger than any institution you’ve attended before, and the freedom of life in it is immense. The culture shock can be a challenge, but there are resources at both School and College level to help you face it.

A single website (link at the end of this section) now coordinates access to the entire range of support and welfare services offered by the College and the Students’ Union.

The main areas covered are:

  • Academic appeals and regulations
  • Careers Advisory Service
  • Chaplaincy
  • College Hardship/Access to Learning Funds
  • College Tutors
  • Director of Student Affairs
  • Disability Advisory Service
  • English language support
  • Equality
  • Health Centre
  • ICU Advice Centre
  • ICU student representation
  • International student support
  • Maths support (METRIC)
  • NHS Dentist Student
  • Counselling Service
  • Wardens

ICU Advice Centre


Imperial College Union runs the Advice Centre independently of the College with advisers on hand to provide free, confidential, independent advice on a wide range of welfare issues including housing, money and debt, employment and consumer rights, and personal safety.

The Advice centre is your first port of call if you are experiencing difficulties during your time at university. Their advice is:

  • Free: you don’t have to pay to get advice
  • Confidential: they won’t tell anyone that you’ve gone to see them and they won’t share with anyone else what you tell them unless in exceptional circumstances (see their confidentiality policy on their website, below.)
  • Impartial: they offer the advice that is best for you, they are not influenced by any other organisation
  • Independent: They are not part of the Imperial College so their advice is not influenced by The College or School.
  • Non-judgemental: as long as you are a student they will offer the best advice they can give you and they will not judge your position or the next step you decide to take.