Rep Work

Here is an update from the Department Reps on all the questions and actions that have been met since the beginning of the year.

New items will be added to the top of the list.


How many mock/sample papers should we get for exams?

College guidance is currently set at two papers expected per examination. This does not specify solution sheets or mark schemes. If you have not been given two sample papers, please ask your year rep to email the module leader and Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS).

What are standard grade distributions for modules?

As you know, grade distributions are not provided for department modules, as there is not a strong call for them and they add extra administrative burden to the staff.

Going forward, the reps have agreed with staff to show an example of grade distributions for modules to first years, to help them adjust expectations in grades when the first join the school.

If there is strong desire for this information to be published, please speak to your year reps.

How room bookings work in the Dyson Building

AJM explained the new Planon room booking system, which is administered by staff. Students requiring meeting rooms should contact Sophie Sykes in the Teaching Office.

The reason students cannot book meeting rooms directly is simply a space issue. In the absence of individual academic staff offices, personal tutorials, academic meetings and teaching drop-in sessions needs to take priority. Hopefully the addition of the café in the new year will enable students to meet in a slightly more private setting.

Other departments have automatic Panopto. Why don’t we?

It’s true that College has moved all departments over to automatic Panopto recordings. This a system that uses the Calendar timetabling of certain rooms to automatically start a recording and scheduled times.

The School’s opinion is that the spaces in the Dyson Building are not suitable for automatic recording, particularly as these are also common areas that students frequently use at all other times. This would mean that if a scheduled session finished early, or happened not to occur that day, the recording would still be taken. This is not desirable for obvious privacy reasons.

It should be noted that the Department endeavours to ensure there are Panopto recordings being taken by lecturers when they do run their scheduled teaching sessions.

I need some lockable storage. Do we have any?

An email will be sent out at the beginning of each term to remind students to request a locker. Sometimes there are more requests than available lockers were made, so the Dep Reps do their best to ensure that they were assigned to students with valid reasons for needing lockable storage.

Remember that project work, gym/sport kit, etc. can all be stored in the cardboard boxes in the Level 2 Studio.

There is a wider investigation going on into what storage space is available to students and where different things should be stored.

Who are my reps?

There is now a notice board in the Level 2 Studio (by the west staircase) that shows the names and pictures of all the reps. You can also find them in this handbook: Student Representatives.

Aren’t some of the Level 1 (Library) plug sockets not working?

None of the sockets on the north side of the building are working due to the building works on the ground floor. These will be back online when works are completed.

Aren’t some of the Level 2 plug sockets and radiators not working?

There were a couple plugs not working due to a circuit being tripped by contractors. This has been fixed. If you find any more items malfunctioning in the Dyson Building, please send an email to Sam McKenney.

The radiators were not functioning for a short while but this should also be rectified now.

When are the Level 1 Library / Level 2 Studio / Level 3 Studio booked?

Each entrance to each of the three floors now has a published paper timetable available to see when the room is available to use. To view this timetable, or future dates, please see the following links:

Please note that timetables are subject to change at any time.

Do students have access to the Dyson Building on the weekend?

All undergraduates have access to normal working space in the Dyson Building from 7am to 10pm all 7 days of the week.

Shouldn’t DE3 fees be lower due to placement?

Official response explained that there is an enormous effort that goes into arranging the placements, carrying out visits, assessing the work (including during the summer), running in-house placements for life-boat emergency situations. All this work is no less demanding then the work required for modules in the Summer term!

Can students get the Sketch UX software for free?

You may have noticed that the pricing on states institutions can get the app for free. This is true, but unfortunately this only applies to College owned computers. If you want to get a copy of Sketch for your personal laptop, the 50% discount will have to suffice.