Student Representatives

In our School, the Union has two Department Reps (one academic and one well-being), and two Year Reps (one academic and one well-being) for each year group.

About the Networks

You can find the description provided by the IC Union of these roles here:


Your Reps


Ben Greenberg
Department Rep (Academic)
Ellie Peatman
Department Rep (Wellbeing)

Year 4

Ian Keglar
Year 4 Rep (Academic)
Leah Pattison
Year 4 Rep (Academic)

Year 3

Gordon Cheung
Year 3 Rep (Academic)
Justice Duru
Year 3 Rep (Wellbeing)

Year 2

Higor Alves De Freitas
Year 2 Rep (Academic)
Amy Mather
Year 2 Rep (Wellbeing)

Year 1

Claudia Regojo Montero
Year 1 Rep (Academic)
Hind Arekat
Year 1 Rep (Wellbeing)

Election of Department Reps

The Department Reps are elected via the Union’s eVote service during Term 2.

All UG students will be invited to submit a manifesto online. When submissions close, the eVote system opens and students have a chance to campaign for two weeks to obtain votes, after which the eVote closes. The results are announced shortly after.

Election of Year Reps

  • In week 1 of the autumn term, all UGs will be invited to submit a manifesto.
  • At the end of week 1, these manifestos will go live and will be available for their year group to read.
  • In week 2, a timetabled session for each year group, coordinated by the Senior tutor, will be used to collect votes. The reps for the respective year group will be announced at the end of the session.