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Congratulations on joining Imperial College London, the only university in the UK to focus exclusively on science, medicine, engineering and business.

From Fleming’s discovery of Penicillin to Gabor’s invention of holography, Imperial’s has been changing the world for well over 100 years.

You’re now very much a part of this community of discovery and we hope you will take this opportunity to make your own unique contribution.

We’re committed to providing you with the very best academic resources to help you reach your true potential. We also provide a dedicated support network and a range of specialist support services to make sure you have access to the appropriate help, whether that’s further training in an academic skill like note taking or simply having someone to talk to.

We actively encourage you to seek out help when you need it and try to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Our choice of over 340 clubs, societies and projects is one of the largest of any UK university, making it easy to do something different with your downtime. You also have free access to gym (following a one-off orientation fee of £40 in 2017) and swimming facilities across our campuses.

Welcome from the Head of School

The MEng in Design Engineering helps you develop a
diversity of skills and expertise. We are excited at the
opportunity of working with you over the coming years as
you enter the world of design engineering and contribute
towards the development of society and the domain.

This document serves a number of purposes including
helping to introduce you to key information which will be
helpful during the welcome week and as you settle in. In
addition the document provides an overview of the MEng
in Design Engineering which will be useful throughout
your degree programme. The document has been
developed with input from several staff members and is
updated regularly so do source the online version for the
latest information.

As a student of Imperial College London, the Students’
Union, fellow students, social media and staff are all part
of your new network and we encourage you to engage
with all of these, and we also encourage you to seek out
the staff with your queries – it’s what we are here for.
Welcome to the MEng in Design Engineering.

All the best,
Professor Peter Childs
Head of Design Engineering


Meet the School Teaching Staff

Prof. Peter Childs
Head of School
Dr Marco Aurisicchio
Senior Lecturer
Dr Weston Baxter
Andrew Brand
Principal Teaching Fellow
Dr David Boyle
Prof. Peter Cheung
Dr Sam Cooper
Aran Dasan
Senior Teaching Fellow
Dr Pelin Demirel
Dr Mazdak Ghajari
Dr Stephen Green
Senior Teaching Fellow
Dr Hamed Haddadi
Senior Lecturer
Eva-Maria Kirchberger
Senior Teaching Fellow
Dr Petar Kormushev
Olga Kravchenko
Teaching Fellow
Dr Nan Li
Dr Celine Mougenot
Dr Connor Myant
Dr Thrish Nanayakkara
Dr Freddie Page
Strategic Teaching Fellow
Dr Lorenzo Picinali
Senior Lecturer
Dr Tayla Porat
Jim Reeves
Teaching Fellow
Dr Nicolas Rojas
Dr Shayan Sharifi
Senior Teaching Fellow
Dr Leila Sheldrick
Hawys Tomos
Visiting Teaching Fellow
Dr Nejra Van Zalk
Dr Billy Wu
Senior Lecturer